Happy Saturday Sms Images

Send some cute sms text messages along with your Happy Saturday wishes with these Happy Saturday greetings. Saturday is most of the happiest day for all of us we feel very happy and relaxed on this day. Here are SMS text messages that are lovable, motivating, inspiring and positive ones to share with your dear and near ones and express your Saturday wishes.

    Better days are coming. They are called Saturday and Sunday.

    That feeling of excitement at the last minute of your Friday activity.Weekend baby!

    It’s a beautiful sunday morning and a great opportunity thank the lord for reminding us of how blessed we are.

    All the 5 days in a week being formal is like living with a donkey, Enjoying the 2 days over weekend is like living with a hippy hoppy monkey.

    Spend some time this weekend on home improvement; improve your attitude toward your family. - Bo Bennett

    This is Saturday, a special day among every other day in the week. No more waking up, bye to work, just enjoyment here and enjoyment there. Love your Saturday like never before sharing these Happy Saturday SMS images through Facebook, Whatsapp, Twitter and much more.

    Good weather all the week, but come the weekend the weather stinks. When the weather is too hot they complain, too cold they complain, and when it’s just right, they’re watching TV. - Rita Rudner

    Old timers, weekends, and airplane landings are alike. If you can walk away from them, they’re successful. - Casey Stengel

    After luncheon the sun, conscious that it was Saturday, would blaze an hour longer in the zenith… - Marcel Proust

    When you’re young, you should live out every weekend. Even if you look like a scarecrow, you just gotta go! - Jonathan Brandis

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